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Hijab - Chador - Burqa - Veil - Khimar - Litham - Jilbab - Niqab

To cover or not to cover? That is the question.

Every day, either in person, on the television or in the newspapers we see Muslim women wearing the veil in its various forms.

This website is designed to show that, as an absolute rule for all Muslim women, the use of the headscarf or hijab or veil is not obligatory in Islam. Most Muslim women will not be pursued, pestered and harassed in the street by strange men for showing their hair. Comprehensive use is made of Quranic text.

Thorough academic analysis, including contributions from the renowned Sheikh Dr. Zaki Badawi (former chief imam at the Central London Mosque, Regents Park and later principal of the Muslim College, London) and Muhammad Asad, author of The Message of the Quran, (and a personal friend of King Abd al-Aziz Ibn Saud and King Faysal of Saudi Arabia) is provided, along with full press commentary.

There is also an extensive Egypt section in Part 3.